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Running Like an Inflated Drunk

[From the archives.] Contrary to the impression I might have given with posts on running a 6 mile obstacle course and a half-marathon in the Happiest Place on Earth, I am not wont to join a few thousand strangers in … Continue reading

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How I Got by with a Lot of Help from My Friends

Many of you know that my father took a horrible fall last summer and we weren’t sure he’d survive the emergency neurosurgery that spanned the night, let alone ever recover well enough to live on his own again. I felt … Continue reading

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A Half Birthday List Is Better Than None

I had no idea half birthdays existed until I met the woman who would become my wife. She not only celebrates people’s birthdays but also the point in the year half-way to their next birthday. Well, as someone who thinks … Continue reading

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Cara Meredith: “Everything I Ever Needed to Know in Parenting I Learned from Tim Fall” (a guest post)

[I begged Cara Meredith of “Be Mama, Be” to write a guest post. She did, sending me something I never expected: a beautiful Thank You Note that made me blush. She is quite an encourager as you will soon see. Everyone should be Cara’s … Continue reading

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Does God Have Too Many Friends?

Friends affect our brains. Not just our thoughts, but our actual brains. There’s a correlation between the size of a person’s social network and the size of portions of that person’s brain. Live Science reported on a recent study about friendships … Continue reading

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